Here is a little about us at  We started in January 2008, but the volumes of writings began much earlier, is committed to analyzing and logically displaying solutions to everyday issues regarding ecommerce, online and information challenges.  Logic, Intelligence and Communications is critical when considering an ecommerce business or career.

At, we are committed to the common sense approach and fast-track to information that works in the marketplace. Information that will help you start, jump-start or explode your ecommerce efforts!

While we understand that many who are venturing in exploding growth area of ecommerce are not all seasoned veterans or techies with programming backgrounds, we do assume that you want to learn! There are a host of books out there that call you Dummies in the titles – that is something we would never do. In fact, we encourage you to reconsider a book that calls you a Dummy – of any sort. There is just too much fresher information available and its our goal at LogicIntel to provide you just that!  We will never call our readers Dummies, ever!

To the best of our abilities, we test and research what works, what doesn’t work, what to consider and what to avoid like the plague when it comes to ecommerce. looks forward to your comments and contributions! Team

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