Sunday, October 18

Constitutional Rights

Constitutional Rights, Law Enforcement

Police Video-Taping upheld by First Circuit Court of Appeals

Its about time. Scenario:  You are in public and pulled over by a police officer for speeding.  Do you have a right of privacy, not to be recorded on the police dash cam? Never.  Are you able to opt-out of being recorded on street corners by traffic cams and character and mapping software, nope.  Does a police officer have a right to NOT be counter-recorded by the person being pulled over?  Amazingly, they think they do.  Not all, but most believe that it is downright wrong and somehow interfere with the duties of the law enforcement official. The country is littered with cases of citizens being arrested for exercising their rights to record the actions of police in this society. Don't get me wrong, I support what they do.  I come from a family of law enforcement officials, from M...