Sunday, October 18


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Is Traditional Retail dead and a rotting dinosaur?

 Can traditional retail really be a dead and rotting dinosaur, isn't that a bit harsh? The answer to this question is a resounding and unfortunate yes and yes it is.  Stores, chains and corporate executives would want to argue in the opposite direction and say that traditional retail is strong, but take a good look at history.  What reduced Circuit City, Tower Records and Linens and Things to a pile of steaming rubble?   Competition yes, but to a greater definition, online competition.   We are seeing behemoths like Blockbuster twist in the wind at the command of companies like Netflix, Hulu and online streaming presented by ATT's Uverse as well as other content providers.  The world is quickly turning digital and embracing the flexibility that that business model has at its core.  And su...
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Netflix stumbles but will it work?

   Netflix caught my eye years ago and had my wallet up until the two most recent changes to their business model.  Having run internet businesses since 1998, I am pretty familiar with the need to change and grow and change again dependent on the market and the customer base.  So I was not suprised when Netflix started changing their model to include different pricing or a change in pricing.  Having reviewed over 1200 movies using their service, I was dug in deep. It was wonderful watching a movie while working on a spreadsheet, database or organizing family photos and there in the corner of the screen played a movie from Netflix.  Not a being a  person who is too keen on wasting time watching tons of movies, this seemed to be a pretty justifiable way of getting away with it. And it ...
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Google and PPC Search Prediction

I think I am going to go out on a limb and say that I believe this is the future of paid per click search engines: But first, I will tell you why. Too many people are becoming educated in the ways of paid-per-click search engines. Those websites that do not rank in organic search are for the most part, not considered to be experienced or viable businesses. At least by those who know how Google and others display one's search results. In my own life, I find myself consistently [level-premier-free]choosing listings other than the paid per click search results displayed as "sponsored ads". This is by a subconscious choice - for some reason, in my mind the results that appear organic are not "pitching" me anything, they already rank and probably have all the business they can handle. Sil...