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Square payments is not so square after all!
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Square payments is not so square after all!

Square payments made us rethink our payment processing. Our company has multiple online interests and occasionally and very rarely we get a chargeback.  Much like most of the retail population out there, chargebacks do happen and its a part of doing business.  Sometimes it is the mistake of the customer who placed the order but didn't recognize the transaction, other times it is outright fraud.  In that case, the merchant has the ability to dispute the chargeback and provide evidence supporting the charge. Square fails with chargebacks! We were fairly new to the Square experience, having used their service for just under a year for our credit card transactions.  And then it happened.  We received a chargeback and then another chargeback from an eerily similar customer.  The...
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Removing DS_Store files on Linux Server

If you use an Apple machine and work on a Linux server, sooner or later, you are going to get a PCI Compliance warning that you are using hidden files in your files directory, and they consider that a PCI Compliance no no.  This will surely get you flagged on this item so its best to remove them from the server. When you navigate the Apache folders, your Mac will leave behind the .DS_STORE files in the directories.  This also happens if you upload files and directories from your Mac to the server via FTP.  What are these files?  They are used by the Mac to remember how you opened a file and to display what view should be used in the future for reopening that file or folder. The .DS_Store files that are written to the web server folders can contain the file names that are on the serve...