Sunday, October 18


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Kayako Fusion Exploit uncovered CRITICAL

Recently I noticed in testing the Kayako Live chat and support software labeled as Fusion (most current version) has an exploit. In lengthy chat conversations with their tech teams, they have classified this exploit as a "optional feature" missing from the current version. They sent me to this developer link. Hmm. Here's the scenario. You have a current protected knowledgebase of information, available only to paying customers. Customers that you have to whitelist or allow as registered users. You also use their mail parser mechanism for parsing emails from customers (and all others). To exploit the passworded and [level-premier-free]permissioned knowledgebase, one only needs to send an email to one of any potential parsed domains (parsed via Kayako Fusion) and you are automatically whi...
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Kayako Fusion parser error Invalid Data Provided

Kayako Fusion parser error is discussed here which should help those who are having the same issue with Kayako. We have been using Kayako Fusion for several years now and are a very dedicated and participatory customer of Kayako.  Recently we noticed a bunch of emails that were being rejected in the parser as "Invalid Data Provided".  Googled for a great deal of time and could not locate the culprit.  In making changes, I would reprocess the email to see if it would reset. One thing that I did, in migrating from an earlier version of SupportSuite, the software created another Template Group.  I deleted the template group that was from the older version and tweaked the default with necessary customizations.  That broke it and caused the parser error Kayako's Fusion keeps the parser...
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How to Tweak XP Computer-Part2

Part 2  See how-to-tweak-xp-computer-part1 if you missed the first part of our two part series on How to Tweak XP! 8.Defragment your page file: Download PageDefrag at Microsoft TechNet -> Open the .zip and run PageDefrag -> Click ‘Accept’ -> Select ‘Defragment at next boot’ -> Click ‘OK’ Just like the Microsoft TechNet website said one of the problems of Windows XP/2000/NT is that files that are in use cannot be defragged, and that includes the pagefile. This program will defrag your pagefile at the next boot to ensure it’s working to it’s maximum efficiency. Set Your Virtual Memory To 1.5-3.0 Times Your Computer’s Memory: Start Menu -> Classic Control Panel -> System -> Advanced Tab -> Performance Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Change -> Select Cust...
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How to Tweak XP Computer-Part1

BEFORE YOU proceed, read the following paragraphs! You should have your computer at the original state, if you have done other tweaks, undo them. Use Disk Defragmenter before and after these tweaks and ALWAYS backup. Microsoft XP can be crabby at times. If you corrupt your registry, you will lose access to everything and have to wipe and reinstall. BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY, BACK UP YOUR DATA, BACK IT UP AGAIN, DOWNLOAD IT, EMAIL IT TO YOURSELF OR BACK IT UP TO AN EXTERNAL HARDDRIVE OR OTHER DRIVE. I won't be responsible for any damage you do to your computer by the following tutorials. You have been warned. 1. Disable Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop: Start Menu -> Classic Control Panel -> System -> Remote -> Uncheck ‘Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from t...