Kayako Fusion parser error is discussed here which should help those who are having the same issue with Kayako.

We have been using Kayako Fusion for several years now and are a very dedicated and participatory customer of Kayako.  Recently we noticed a bunch of emails that were being rejected in the parser as “Invalid Data Provided”.  Googled for a great deal of time and could not locate the culprit.  In making changes, I would reprocess the email to see if it would reset.

One thing that I did, in migrating from an earlier version of SupportSuite, the software created another Template Group.  I deleted the template group that was from the older version and tweaked the default with necessary customizations.  That broke it and caused the parser error

Kayako’s Fusion keeps the parsers from the original importation assigned to the old Template Group.  To fix, open up each email parser in Admin CP, and reset the default ticket from General to something else and then back to General.  You will see the software thinking on the other items and making a reset.

It works!  Post a reply if you need help.

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