Friday, September 4

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Competition: Good or Bad for a Small Business?
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Competition: Good or Bad for a Small Business?

Many people have talked to me about business and offered a glimpse of what they focus on when it comes to running a small business.  With regards to competition, its usually framed in a way that sounds whiny, cry-babyish, like, “seriously, how do you survive out there with all the competition“.  Thankfully, I realize that its a natural protection mechanism that we all have built in.  People want to protect themselves from bad things, from bad experiences in life.  Where it appears there is even a little risk, its easy to [level-premier-free]reason away what could be a good thing by focusing on a factor like competition. Competition doesn't define you. OBJECTIVE:    To show the reader that while competition is something to be aware of, its nothing to be afraid of.  Competition is ...
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Should my website have the best prices?

     The past 15 years I've been selling online, focusing on what makes ecommerce work.  I studied the eye-path of the customer, great web design, and the things that generally make a website successful in the online marketplace. One of my focuses early on was pricing.  Originally, I thought like everyone else in ecommerce that having the best prices online was required.  It became clear that the larger companies and larger competition out there constantly beat the drum of traditional retail and traditional retail pricing schemes. And I must admit, early on I did to.   I kept up with the sales of competition and make the necessary discounts in order to secure sales from customers who focus on price.   And then it dawned on me. What if I hired a [level-premier-free]programmer to write...