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How to Tweak XP Computer-Part2

Part 2  See how-to-tweak-xp-computer-part1 if you missed the first part of our two part series on How to Tweak XP! 8.Defragment your page file: Download PageDefrag at Microsoft TechNet -> Open the .zip and run PageDefrag -> Click ‘Accept’ -> Select ‘Defragment at next boot’ -> Click ‘OK’ Just like the Microsoft TechNet website said one of the problems of Windows XP/2000/NT is that files that are in use cannot be defragged, and that includes the pagefile. This program will defrag your pagefile at the next boot to ensure it’s working to it’s maximum efficiency. Set Your Virtual Memory To 1.5-3.0 Times Your Computer’s Memory: Start Menu -> Classic Control Panel -> System -> Advanced Tab -> Performance Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Change -> Select Cust...