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eBay will fail long term.
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eBay will fail long term.

eBay will fail long term, and here is why. I used to be an eBay Powerseller and now I can't stand them.  Furthermore, I think that their current business strategies are destined to fail long-term. When eBay started, they embraced everyone and anyone selling products who were trying to meet the needs in the marketplace. The starting story of eBay is pretty fascinating.  Well I thought it was pretty fascinating story about how the owner started the site based on an interest in selling PEZ dispensers.  That is, until I learned later it was a completely fabricated story to help create interest in the website. Strike one. Dishonesty. If they cannot profit from it in a big way, they have very little interest. This is clear from their indications that they wil...
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Is Traditional Retail dead and a rotting dinosaur?

 Can traditional retail really be a dead and rotting dinosaur, isn't that a bit harsh? The answer to this question is a resounding and unfortunate yes and yes it is.  Stores, chains and corporate executives would want to argue in the opposite direction and say that traditional retail is strong, but take a good look at history.  What reduced Circuit City, Tower Records and Linens and Things to a pile of steaming rubble?   Competition yes, but to a greater definition, online competition.   We are seeing behemoths like Blockbuster twist in the wind at the command of companies like Netflix, Hulu and online streaming presented by ATT's Uverse as well as other content providers.  The world is quickly turning digital and embracing the flexibility that that business model has at its core.  And su...