Thursday, October 29

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How to Tweak XP Computer-Part1

BEFORE YOU proceed, read the following paragraphs! You should have your computer at the original state, if you have done other tweaks, undo them. Use Disk Defragmenter before and after these tweaks and ALWAYS backup. Microsoft XP can be crabby at times. If you corrupt your registry, you will lose access to everything and have to wipe and reinstall. BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY, BACK UP YOUR DATA, BACK IT UP AGAIN, DOWNLOAD IT, EMAIL IT TO YOURSELF OR BACK IT UP TO AN EXTERNAL HARDDRIVE OR OTHER DRIVE. I won't be responsible for any damage you do to your computer by the following tutorials. You have been warned. 1. Disable Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop: Start Menu -> Classic Control Panel -> System -> Remote -> Uncheck ‘Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from t...