I think I am going to go out on a limb and say that I believe this is the future of paid per click search engines:

But first, I will tell you why.

Too many people are becoming educated in the ways of paid-per-click search engines. Those websites that do not rank in organic search are for the most part, not considered to be experienced or viable businesses. At least by those who know how Google and others display one’s search results. In my own life, I find myself consistently [level-premier-free]choosing listings other than the paid per click search results displayed as “sponsored ads”. This is by a subconscious choice – for some reason, in my mind the results that appear organic are not “pitching” me anything, they already rank and probably have all the business they can handle. Silly, I know. But this is a VERY valuable point that the search engines have yet to embrace.

Paid sponsored ad revenue must decline in proportion to the experience level expansion of the average search user even if the volume of users increase. We are too busy to poke around on websites that may or may not be run from the kitchen table of a single mom of 2, etc. We want results, pure results and the quickest surety of that will be in the organic, non-sponsored listings. Or at least most of us think.

My prediction is that Google, Yahoo and others will embrace a model that Google will establish. They will marry their ground level earth mapping software to each and every address of businesses that list on their search. They will merge the paid (sponsors) with organic and present a mixture based on an algorithm 0f customer satisfaction, true business enterprises (where they are run from and if they are listed with directory, etc) and what they are willing to pay for such useage. The end-user will no longer see a difference between paid and unpaid search results.

But the quality of their search results will be better, complete with a thumbnail on an overhead or storefront view of the business location, complete with years in service facts, etc.

Pure search results, on the way.

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